Saturday, 30 January 2010

Stella's Spring campaign.

I have to say that Stella M's ad campaign posters are always my favourite. There's always something quirky about them and you don't get more quirky than Natalia Vodianova posing in front of a giant dalmatian... 
I also really liked last sensing a love for Disney here...


McCartney also took advantage of the Couture fashion week schedule in Paris (smart woman) and showcased her 2010 pre- fall collection to people including Anna Wintour and Kate Moss. If you didn't know already, Stella's my favourite designer. What i love so much about her designs are that they're chic, feminine, flirty, and ever so slightly quirky - but are clothes that will last a lifetime - annnd when i finally have enough money to own an entire wardrobe of her clothes (here's hoping...) i know they will never be out of style (which is good to know considering it may take me a number of years to save enough money). So anyway back to the pre collection. I honestly thought it was great. It was soooo seventies. Everything was clean cut, parisienne in presentation and simply beautiful. Shown were camel coats & suits, peplum skirts and stunning lace dresses that i need...not want...NEEEED! If i were lucky enough to own the gown (below) i would wear it to bed, to do my food shopping...anywhere i went basically. Ahem i was saying. The entire collection personified what Stella McCartney as a brand represents, you could say it was typically Stella - in a positive way of course. In fact the whole thing seemed effortless. There was no need for too much styling or 'faffing about' as my dad would say. A definate thumbs up for me.


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