Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Fashion Moment.

One i wrote a while ago.


For those women still in touch with classicism and the sort of elegance that since the 1960s has seemingly disappeared, will know that Audrey Hepburn was its patron saint. Even as a cockney Eliza Doolittle, she had no one fooled. She exuded a particular poise that made her incomparable. But at a time where Hollywood had a curvaceous, sensuous Marilyn Monroe, would there be room for this waif-thin elfin like woman? Apparently so. With a unique beauty and a wondrous talent, Hollywood soon- like the rest of the world- became enchanted by the girl with the funny face.     
It was one serendipitous day in 1953, that designer; Hubert de Givenchy would experience the effects of Hepburn’s charm. He soon became responsible for dressing Audrey in her most famous of films- from Sabrina (not Edith Head, contrary to her Oscar win) to Breakfast at Tiffany's- forming the most distinguished fashion collaboration in history. It was Givenchy’s genius that saw the birth of THE little black dress, which epitomised the pinnacle of their careers, both for its sophistication, and its sustainability- much like the wearer herself.
Whether she was sauntering the streets of Paris- Vuitton speedy in tow- or eating a croissant outside Tiffany's, Hepburn embodied glamorous, timeless fashion; famous for her ‘less is more’ philosophy. However -and as ludicrous as it may seem- this was a woman who was blissfully unaware of her vogue status, a woman whose liking for Capri pants and white shirts became just as popularised as her Givenchy ball gowns. It was this understated, savvy sense of style that has undoubtedly stood the test of time. Ballet slippers, the little black dress, pearls, large hats, wayfarers…an infinite list of garments that have prevailed to become our wardrobe staples.
A designer’s mannequin, a photographers dream and undeniably one of our most treasured icons. The separation between Hepburn and her contemporaries was simply profound.
Perhaps the fact that a single black Chantilly lace cocktail dress worn by this woman recently sold for £60,000, is saying something about her worth? S’marvellous darling. 

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