Saturday, 19 December 2009

Nick Knight's Fashion Revolution.

So i went to check out the exhibition yesterday and was pleasantly surprised. A few people i know have been to see it and have raved about how good it is. It really gave me a new appreciation for the work photographers do and that a visual image can be executed in so many ways. I now know there is certainly much more to photography than just the picture itself.
The mose exciting part of the exhbition for me was the live studio, where members of the public can watch whilst the genius himself, Nick Knight shoots his projects. I was just in time too see designer Paul Smith, and a model whose name i don't know. I was so amazed to see how quickly the process happened, he just took his camera and starting snapping away without a second thought, giving a few directions in between. The results were just incredible. Okay, to you and me, they were just simple black and white pictures, but if you look more closely you see the just how well they were excecuted. The light, shape and form that was created in just 5 minutes was wonderful to see.
I would recommend it too anyone with an appreciation of fashion and photography. It ends on the 23rd so hurry quick.

Thursday, 17 December 2009

If only i had a time machine...

I would go back to the 1940s in a second. The red lips, fabulous hats and cinched in waist...just beautiful and so so glamorous.

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Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Shopping frustration.

Okay, so being a penniless student and living of a student loan makes buying food shopping difficult, let alone clothes. It has been a real struggle for me, the self confessed shopaholic to avoid spending money i don't have. So why oh why is it that there are sooooo many things i want?! Topshop have some fabulous pieces at the moment, and im currently lusting after a floral sailor blouse and a lace top, amongst other things. Meanwhile ASOS' shoe range has got me in a spin. I'm really hoping for some Christmas money this year to hunt for theeee perfect outfit for New Year...even though i still have no plans *sigh*
Anywaaaay, if i haven't mentioned already, Stella McCartney is one of my all time favourite designers, and one day i will be able to afford to wear her clothes. Is it just me or was her S/S 2010 collection just so pretty? It was feminine, fun and flirty, with the right kind of edge to keep it from looking to girly girl. I have my eyes on one of her floral ruffle dresses and a rather cute black and white striped jumper dress, with the most adorable floral motif on the front. If only i had lovely long legs to pull them off...

(Images from Stella McCartney online &

Thursday, 10 December 2009

British Fashion Awards

So they took place last night...i could hardly sleep thinking about it!
Overall, i was pleased with the winners, but some seemed a little obvious? if that's the right word to use. I was chuffed to see Christopher Bailey win Designer of the Year (and Designer Brand!), i know Ive said previously i wanted Kane to win for many reasons, but with Bailey's work at Burberry particularly for the last few seasons, he is without a doubt a worthy winner. Like most people i absolutely adored his S/S 2010 collection, it was just incredible. Besides, Christopher Kane did win an award too for Collection of the Year, which if i may say...was bang on. Loved it.
Now for Model of the year...Georgia Jagger. Whilst she is absolutely beautiful and worthy of the accolade i stand by the fact that Rosie Huntington Whitley should've won...what do you think?
Kate Moss won London 25, and that's kind of what i mean by it being a tad obvious. Of course we all know who she is...who doesn't? But in my eyes it should have been Vivienne Westwood, or Twiggy perhaps? That's who i voted for anyway. But well done to Kate.
I'm so so happy to see that Grace Coddington one the Isabella Blow award, i think shes fabulous and a total creative genius too. Plus, any woman who can stand up to Anna Wintour is a winner in my book! I loved watching them bickering in the September Issue...was hilarious!

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