Friday, 29 January 2010

McDowell's right.

I was reading Colin McDowell's blog earlier and came across a post he had written titled "Whats wrong with Fashion Journalism?" Where he discusses that journalists now being "cheerleaders" rather  than "critics" and i think he is right about that. I'm commenting on this because i am studying Fashion Journalism at university, and i always find it difficult to critique a designer, or a collection, thinking that instead i should say something in the nicest way possible. I am and have been trying to get out of that, with the help of people like McDowell himself (who i am a hugeeee fan of) by reading his books, and getting to grips with the history of fashion so i have something to refer too. I'm not there yet, but i am practising! Of course, i dont think that we should critique everything negatively and if i like something ill certainly say so. But thinking about it after i read his post he has a very valid point.

Anyywaaaay...just because i just looked at this...

Alexa Chung at Chanel's couture collection, Paris

I love this look and lets face it no one who isnt a model could rock clogs (which im still not sure i like...) quite like her. The best dressed i think. Oh and i want that Chanel dress...Karl?

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