Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Lovely collars at ASOS.

How lovely adoreable are these blouses by ASOS? I have a serious addiction to this website (and to peter pan collars for that matter), and here's why! Whilst they offer a range of styles to suit everyone, I always find myself falling for their collared blouses! I have a couple from them already, but it  doesn't stop me from lusting after these ones too. 
If next season is anything to go by, then all collar lovers are in for a treat, as the sixties mod look does the rounds once again! Yippee :) 

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Blog Love.

I thought it would be nice to share with you some of my favourite blogs. The ones I have selected, I really do believe are some of the best - especially if you love vintage, all things whimsical, pretty, and retro. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

wishwishwish, was one of the first blogs of its kind that I discovered, and instantly fell in love with it! Carrie has done a wonderful job making it what it is - a feast of retro, 50s inspired outfits, exquisite photographs, and wonderful backdrops. 

I discovered Cait's darling blog, Wayward Daughther through wishwishwish, and have been reading it ever since.  I admire her consistent forties, childlike style, and am especially in awe of her outfits, particularly those she makes herself - I cannot wait for her to open her etsy shop so that we can all own a bit of her flawless wardrobe. 

Judging my Maria's very British like style, you'd never guess she was blogging from across the pond. However, the beautiful mountainous backdrops, and a wardrobe full of clothing from modcloth are the giveaways. Her vintage outfits, usually consisting of pretty floral dresses, brogues and sweet little hats are just lovely. 

This girl, without a doubt, has the best vintage wardrobe I've ever seen. I can never quite believe that most of her outfits are second hand, bought from local thrift stores and markets  - always in exquisite condition, her collection of delicate peter pan collar blouses, seventies suede skirts, and antique jewellery are enough to give anyone outfit envy. 

Louder than Silence details the fun & frolics of London based couple, Sally & Ross, sharing with readers there love of vintage clothing, music, great food (I always feel hungry when I read their blog!) and the best London hangouts of a weekend. In all, the encapsulate the notion of a modern day Bohemian couple with great style.  

My most recent discovery, is Calivintage, run by California girl, Erin. Sharing with us her love of vintage, but also, her apparent love affair with dresses!  As well as her lovely outfits, the Californian sunshine is just one other reason why this blog is a delight to read.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Getting thrifty.

As much as I love the high street, and trawling vintage shops in Brick Lane & Portobello, sometimes a good rummage in the local charity shop is just as pleasing. Above are a couple of my favourite things I have picked up recently (well the bag isn't so recent but I love it so much I had to include it!). I am most chuffed with the skirt, which I got a couple of weeks ago in a 'Save the Children' shop in Southend - usually I don't have much luck with clothes, I usually take one look at the rails and get put off! But it looked like that day was my lucky day! It's ever so slightly too big, but teamed with a high waisted belt, it fits like a dream! 
As I have finished uni for the summer now, I can dedicate more time to my blog, and hope to start posting some outfit posts every now and then - I'll make sure my skirt is one of the first!

Monday, 13 June 2011


I dream of the day I'll be able to purchase one of these darling pieces from Nadinoo. Nadia Izruna, the designer behind this enchanting British label, continues to create such wonderfully whimsical, retro clothing for every girl to fall in love with. 
Check out the website.


(all images via

Sunday, 12 June 2011


I discovered Etsy last year, as my love of vintage and reading vintage inspired blogs intensified. Since then, i find myself trawling through pages and pages of wonderful vintage pieces, from beautiful 50's sun dresses, to delicate sixties printed blouses. All of which leave me wishing I had all the money in the world to own every piece...if only! and whilst I come to terms with not being able to own it all, I just have to make do with one treat every now and then. 
The items shown here are a few of my favourite things I have come across recently, and choosing between them proved highly difficult! Taking into account my funds, I decided on an adorable printed 50's blouse, which at £10 I consider a bargain! (below 3rd one from the left) I can't wait for it too arrive, so I can pair it with a lovely skirt and some maryjane's! 

Lula: girl of my dreams

Aside from my continual love affair with Vogue (I have a stack of them in my room - I think i have too many to know what to do with!) Lula is my favourite magazine, or 'mook' (at £7.99 an issue its more of a book!) its whimsical aesthetic, pretty pictures, and lovely, twee styling makes it a magazine of magnificence. 

Despite its magnificence, its a tough magazine to come by! I bought my first few issues from London book store, RD Franks, however, it has since closed down. Because of this, I missed the last issue (which I'm still very upset about!), luckily though I remember another London book store specializing in fashion books and magazines called Magma, and despite costing me £10 all together for the actual issue as well as postage, it was well worth it! 

Reading it is such a delight, I'd like to frame every photo and read more and more of the articles and interviews they include. This issue includes interviews with actress Mia Wasikowska, Brooke Shields, styling by editor Leith Clark and a feature dedicated to the girl scouts. 

If you've never read an issue before, I'd absolutely recommend it!