Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Pretty perfect.

Goodbye to studs, hello to embellishment. Gone are the hard, sharp, geometric lines of last season. Instead designers collections were jam packed full of lace, ruffles, draping and flounce. Everything i love to wear infact. At Burberry, clothes were in the most exquisite-good enough to eat- 'candy floss' pastel shades- lilac, soft blue and mint green- all of which helped in securing it as one of the best shows at Fashion week. Oh yes.
See, i can't pull of the 'tough girl' look, complete with Dr Martens, leather jackets doning studs and spikes- if i were to step out of the house dressed like that id look like mutton dressed as lamb. My personal style is much more feminine, and vintage inspired. I love to wear tea dresses and am addicted to florals. Much more of a pretty over power aesthetic. Of course, not to run the risk of looking like a 5 year old, some things require a bit of 'toughening up', therefore I am not afraid to throw on my one and only leather jacket with a tea dress.
Pretty, glamour and utility chic (i was sooo impressed with Chloe and Phoebe Philo for Celine...camel, khaki, white, beige. Total perfection) are all that i am interested in this season. Dresses that look as though they have been inspired by a classic fairytale were presented on catwalks at Valentino, Lanvin and Chanel. Old Hollywood glamour was present at Dior...thats why i love John Galliano <3 besides any designer that can walk out on to a catwalk dressed like a classic 40s villain is a legend in my book. Stella McCartney-as always- presented us with white lace, classic denim and just the right amount of flounce at her show- she never dissapoints. Finally, from now until eternity Christopher Kane will always be THE man. Again his collection had me at the point of depression, simply because i wish i could own just one of those dresses...if only.
So which are you...modern. romantic, sporty? i believe there to be enough to suit everyone this season. Bring on Spring.

P.S Happy New Year everyone :) x

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