Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Norman Parkinson.

Okay, so i have a new found appreciation for this man. I am ashamed to say that i didnt know an awful lot about his work recently. But his images are wonderful. I think they portray a sense of realism, that a lot of other fashion photographers dont - i mean in a way that they dont look 'posed' like most do. They're just women doing everyday things, given no direction, just doing there own thing. Being a lover of black & white photos (i suppose for the sense of nostalgia it gives) he to me is great and a legend in fashion.

The New Look, 1949

I particularly like the way the two large columns tower over the women, who in comparison look so small, and yet they stand out over everything else. The clothes they’re wearing and what they’re doing were the first things I noticed when I first saw it and are the essence of the image. Also, the way the light falls creating such a contrast between light and dark really strengthens it.

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