Saturday, 30 January 2010

Stella's Spring campaign.

I have to say that Stella M's ad campaign posters are always my favourite. There's always something quirky about them and you don't get more quirky than Natalia Vodianova posing in front of a giant dalmatian... 
I also really liked last sensing a love for Disney here...


McCartney also took advantage of the Couture fashion week schedule in Paris (smart woman) and showcased her 2010 pre- fall collection to people including Anna Wintour and Kate Moss. If you didn't know already, Stella's my favourite designer. What i love so much about her designs are that they're chic, feminine, flirty, and ever so slightly quirky - but are clothes that will last a lifetime - annnd when i finally have enough money to own an entire wardrobe of her clothes (here's hoping...) i know they will never be out of style (which is good to know considering it may take me a number of years to save enough money). So anyway back to the pre collection. I honestly thought it was great. It was soooo seventies. Everything was clean cut, parisienne in presentation and simply beautiful. Shown were camel coats & suits, peplum skirts and stunning lace dresses that i need...not want...NEEEED! If i were lucky enough to own the gown (below) i would wear it to bed, to do my food shopping...anywhere i went basically. Ahem i was saying. The entire collection personified what Stella McCartney as a brand represents, you could say it was typically Stella - in a positive way of course. In fact the whole thing seemed effortless. There was no need for too much styling or 'faffing about' as my dad would say. A definate thumbs up for me.


Friday, 29 January 2010

McDowell's right.

I was reading Colin McDowell's blog earlier and came across a post he had written titled "Whats wrong with Fashion Journalism?" Where he discusses that journalists now being "cheerleaders" rather  than "critics" and i think he is right about that. I'm commenting on this because i am studying Fashion Journalism at university, and i always find it difficult to critique a designer, or a collection, thinking that instead i should say something in the nicest way possible. I am and have been trying to get out of that, with the help of people like McDowell himself (who i am a hugeeee fan of) by reading his books, and getting to grips with the history of fashion so i have something to refer too. I'm not there yet, but i am practising! Of course, i dont think that we should critique everything negatively and if i like something ill certainly say so. But thinking about it after i read his post he has a very valid point.

Anyywaaaay...just because i just looked at this...

Alexa Chung at Chanel's couture collection, Paris

I love this look and lets face it no one who isnt a model could rock clogs (which im still not sure i like...) quite like her. The best dressed i think. Oh and i want that Chanel dress...Karl?

Thursday, 28 January 2010

Until next time.

And just like that Couture week is over *sigh*. Here are a few of my favourite looks from the week.



As much as it pains me too say it, i wasn't as impressed with Valentino this year. It sounds so harsh because ive always been such a fan but - to me anyway - there was something missing from the collection. Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pier Paolo Piccioli, chose to do something more modern, almost sports luxe like, that did update the Valentino image and will most likely attract new customers to the brand. But, compared to the other shows that have showcased this week, im not sure that this was on the same scale. I hate to say that. I think that last year their show had such a dramatic feel which made it strong - and that's what i always associate with Couture; drama & glamour...more is more in a way. I say this, but i don't think it was a bad collection by any stretch of the imagination. When people have such a clear image in their minds about the Valentino aesthetic which they all know and love from when the man himself was still there, it can come as a surprise when someone new takes over and that's the challenge these designers have had to deal with so i salute them.


Valentino Couture A/W 2009

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Elie Saab. New Romantic.

One word: WOW. Contrary to other reports, i adored this collection. Particularly because, well im a sucker for pastels, fairytales and princess dresses. Which is what this collection offered...Saab is my hero (not in a weird crazy way...) but he is. Romanticism springs to mind when i think about the dresses as they flowed down the runway. I remember being blown away by last years, all white collection and thinking he wont top that. How wrong i was. In my eyes, its better. I cant possibly say its my favourite all together because, well each designer has presented something favourable and of course desirable (it is Couture after all). 
I want i want i want. Oh how one can dream.

JPG's mexican fiesta.

That's right Galliano chose dressage and Gaultier chose Mexico- the big G's are loving the themes this year. Gaultier presented sombrero, aztec prints and motifs, inspired apparently by James Cameron's blockbuster Avatar. I have no qualms in saying that this collection was even better than his last. I really liked it- there was something very warrior princess about it that separated it from the rest of the collections. 


Fashion Moment.

One i wrote a while ago.


For those women still in touch with classicism and the sort of elegance that since the 1960s has seemingly disappeared, will know that Audrey Hepburn was its patron saint. Even as a cockney Eliza Doolittle, she had no one fooled. She exuded a particular poise that made her incomparable. But at a time where Hollywood had a curvaceous, sensuous Marilyn Monroe, would there be room for this waif-thin elfin like woman? Apparently so. With a unique beauty and a wondrous talent, Hollywood soon- like the rest of the world- became enchanted by the girl with the funny face.     
It was one serendipitous day in 1953, that designer; Hubert de Givenchy would experience the effects of Hepburn’s charm. He soon became responsible for dressing Audrey in her most famous of films- from Sabrina (not Edith Head, contrary to her Oscar win) to Breakfast at Tiffany's- forming the most distinguished fashion collaboration in history. It was Givenchy’s genius that saw the birth of THE little black dress, which epitomised the pinnacle of their careers, both for its sophistication, and its sustainability- much like the wearer herself.
Whether she was sauntering the streets of Paris- Vuitton speedy in tow- or eating a croissant outside Tiffany's, Hepburn embodied glamorous, timeless fashion; famous for her ‘less is more’ philosophy. However -and as ludicrous as it may seem- this was a woman who was blissfully unaware of her vogue status, a woman whose liking for Capri pants and white shirts became just as popularised as her Givenchy ball gowns. It was this understated, savvy sense of style that has undoubtedly stood the test of time. Ballet slippers, the little black dress, pearls, large hats, wayfarers…an infinite list of garments that have prevailed to become our wardrobe staples.
A designer’s mannequin, a photographers dream and undeniably one of our most treasured icons. The separation between Hepburn and her contemporaries was simply profound.
Perhaps the fact that a single black Chantilly lace cocktail dress worn by this woman recently sold for £60,000, is saying something about her worth? S’marvellous darling. 


Quite possibly the best website ever.


Norman Parkinson.

Okay, so i have a new found appreciation for this man. I am ashamed to say that i didnt know an awful lot about his work recently. But his images are wonderful. I think they portray a sense of realism, that a lot of other fashion photographers dont - i mean in a way that they dont look 'posed' like most do. They're just women doing everyday things, given no direction, just doing there own thing. Being a lover of black & white photos (i suppose for the sense of nostalgia it gives) he to me is great and a legend in fashion.

The New Look, 1949

I particularly like the way the two large columns tower over the women, who in comparison look so small, and yet they stand out over everything else. The clothes they’re wearing and what they’re doing were the first things I noticed when I first saw it and are the essence of the image. Also, the way the light falls creating such a contrast between light and dark really strengthens it.

Crazy for Couture...

Oh Ricardo. I want to wear dresses like this everyday.

Now if only i were 6ft tall with Kate Moss's looks and her bank account to match...(p.s congratulations to Kate on her engagement last week. I wonder what she will wear on the big day...okay now im getting sidetracked.)
Judging by this collection i predict a potential Oscar showcase. This is one of my favourites so far. The two outside dresses seem almost for a princess.
Tisci also presented masculine tuxedo jackets, lace jumpsuits and lampshade hats. I do love a slight sense of humour on the catwalks.

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

2010 Couture fashion week...

Jadore <3

Christian Dior
I am still obsessing over last years collection, so i barely had enough time to prepare myself for this one. But Galliano has proved that he is still as great as ever with this 'racing' inspired collection. I particularly liked the jeweled colour palette, large bows, and tiered skirts. There was something very 1940s about it- almost Dior's New Look inspired - that in itself is something to be applauded!
Whilst it was glamorous, chic and totally beautiful last years still has my heart!

As ever, i was pleasantly surprised by Chanel. Always one to be talked about Karl Lagerfeld presented a silver and pastel colour palette - distancing away from the houses signature black and gold chains look. Infact it was all about change this season, gone were the tweed skirts and in came culottes and shorts as their replacement - which i have to say looked fantastic- i never wouldve imagined it. Hes such an old joker is Karl.
P.S i also rather loved the minnie mouse/cruella deville-esque hair. So im off to the hairdressers tommorow...

(all images from &

(Chanel has more pictures, because well its Chanel.)


Sunday, 24 January 2010

Awards Season.

Oh how i love it! The dresses, glamour and the excitement. I wait in anticiaption to see what everyone wears (i do i have a life i promise). Every year, the women mainly go all out with their outfits, and this year (so far...Oscars in 2 months and counting!) has been no exception.
Firstly, at the Golden Globes, whilst one particular US site, which i wont name slated their dresses i think they were amongst the best dressed there. Drew Barrymore's stunning atelier versace gown was absolutley stunning, and for me the best dresses of the whole evening. She really did impress me - especially after shes had a few mishaps in the past. But not with this (below) nude, floor length mermaid gown. I salute you Drew. Next was Kate Hudson. Okay, the dress wasnt amaaaazing, but i thought she looked pretty glamorous in her white, origami inspired, Marchesa gown (although its a shame about the shoes)- but lets face it the woman could make a bin bag look fashionable.

Annnd secondly, the SAG awards which took place last night. There were some amazine dresses there too. Drew Barrymore (again) in a stunning midnight blue, tiered gown, Lea Michele from Glee, in a beautiful Emerald dress and Diane Kruger who i thought looked stunning in a mustard dress by Jason Wu. Such 40's glamour.

 And now its Oscar time. I cannot wait, and being the impatient person that i am its going to be a little annoying to have to wait until the morning after! argh stoopid time difference!

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Pretty perfect.

Goodbye to studs, hello to embellishment. Gone are the hard, sharp, geometric lines of last season. Instead designers collections were jam packed full of lace, ruffles, draping and flounce. Everything i love to wear infact. At Burberry, clothes were in the most exquisite-good enough to eat- 'candy floss' pastel shades- lilac, soft blue and mint green- all of which helped in securing it as one of the best shows at Fashion week. Oh yes.
See, i can't pull of the 'tough girl' look, complete with Dr Martens, leather jackets doning studs and spikes- if i were to step out of the house dressed like that id look like mutton dressed as lamb. My personal style is much more feminine, and vintage inspired. I love to wear tea dresses and am addicted to florals. Much more of a pretty over power aesthetic. Of course, not to run the risk of looking like a 5 year old, some things require a bit of 'toughening up', therefore I am not afraid to throw on my one and only leather jacket with a tea dress.
Pretty, glamour and utility chic (i was sooo impressed with Chloe and Phoebe Philo for Celine...camel, khaki, white, beige. Total perfection) are all that i am interested in this season. Dresses that look as though they have been inspired by a classic fairytale were presented on catwalks at Valentino, Lanvin and Chanel. Old Hollywood glamour was present at Dior...thats why i love John Galliano <3 besides any designer that can walk out on to a catwalk dressed like a classic 40s villain is a legend in my book. Stella McCartney-as always- presented us with white lace, classic denim and just the right amount of flounce at her show- she never dissapoints. Finally, from now until eternity Christopher Kane will always be THE man. Again his collection had me at the point of depression, simply because i wish i could own just one of those dresses...if only.
So which are you...modern. romantic, sporty? i believe there to be enough to suit everyone this season. Bring on Spring.

P.S Happy New Year everyone :) x