Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Photographer passions.

Sooo we started a new semester with a new assigment. Imaging. I have to say im incredibly excited about this project, mostly becuase we will be learning about the most amaxing fashion photographers past and present - and well there are a lot! and a lot i admire too. So in aid of this, here are a few of my ultimate favourites. You may come to realise i have a thing of black & white images...
Richard Avedon: Dovima with elephants. 
Total legend.

Helmut Newton. 

Tim Walker: His fantastical images are like being taken into a fairytale...and well i love fairytales.
And here are a few i have been introduced to recently...

Norman Parkinson. I am ashamed to admit that i knew little about him until a month ago, when i visited an exhibition about his work. His work is simply wonderful. What i love so much about them is that they tell a story, they dont seem like posed shots. Theres somethig almost enigmatic about them, which i love. Its up to the viewer to decide. 

Annnd a few other photographers i never knew about before.
William Klein & Edward Steichen

Lastly, but by no means least, the visionary artist that was Irving Penn. Need i say more?

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