Sunday, 24 January 2010

Awards Season.

Oh how i love it! The dresses, glamour and the excitement. I wait in anticiaption to see what everyone wears (i do i have a life i promise). Every year, the women mainly go all out with their outfits, and this year (so far...Oscars in 2 months and counting!) has been no exception.
Firstly, at the Golden Globes, whilst one particular US site, which i wont name slated their dresses i think they were amongst the best dressed there. Drew Barrymore's stunning atelier versace gown was absolutley stunning, and for me the best dresses of the whole evening. She really did impress me - especially after shes had a few mishaps in the past. But not with this (below) nude, floor length mermaid gown. I salute you Drew. Next was Kate Hudson. Okay, the dress wasnt amaaaazing, but i thought she looked pretty glamorous in her white, origami inspired, Marchesa gown (although its a shame about the shoes)- but lets face it the woman could make a bin bag look fashionable.

Annnd secondly, the SAG awards which took place last night. There were some amazine dresses there too. Drew Barrymore (again) in a stunning midnight blue, tiered gown, Lea Michele from Glee, in a beautiful Emerald dress and Diane Kruger who i thought looked stunning in a mustard dress by Jason Wu. Such 40's glamour.

 And now its Oscar time. I cannot wait, and being the impatient person that i am its going to be a little annoying to have to wait until the morning after! argh stoopid time difference!

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