Saturday, 19 December 2009

Nick Knight's Fashion Revolution.

So i went to check out the exhibition yesterday and was pleasantly surprised. A few people i know have been to see it and have raved about how good it is. It really gave me a new appreciation for the work photographers do and that a visual image can be executed in so many ways. I now know there is certainly much more to photography than just the picture itself.
The mose exciting part of the exhbition for me was the live studio, where members of the public can watch whilst the genius himself, Nick Knight shoots his projects. I was just in time too see designer Paul Smith, and a model whose name i don't know. I was so amazed to see how quickly the process happened, he just took his camera and starting snapping away without a second thought, giving a few directions in between. The results were just incredible. Okay, to you and me, they were just simple black and white pictures, but if you look more closely you see the just how well they were excecuted. The light, shape and form that was created in just 5 minutes was wonderful to see.
I would recommend it too anyone with an appreciation of fashion and photography. It ends on the 23rd so hurry quick.

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