Tuesday, 16 February 2010

New York Fashion Week...so far.

Alexander Wang 
If i am perfectly honest, Alexander Wang and Marc Jacobs are the only two shows i have really been excited by in New York thus far. There has been something missing from the others, that i can't quite grasp, but Wang and Jacobs just had it. They always do.
Taking a trip back to the nineties, Wang's collection featured an array of tailoring that - with exposing midriffs and knee high socks - wouldn't have been out of place on Alicia Silverstone in Clueless, or on Jennifer Aniston in friends.
 The look was sharp, edgy and exuded American cool. The draped cocktail dresses kept the look elegant but powerful too.
(images from showstudio.com)

Peter Jensen
I was really impressed with Jensen's quirky collection - i liked the thirties inspired makeup and his school teacher theme, complete with pussy-bow blouse's. Despite being from Denmark, his collection had an incredibly British feel, and would've probably been more at home at London Fashion Week rather than in New York - which i don't know if you will agree - is much more polished. That being said New York seemed to like his collection. Is it the best thats been shown so far? No, i don't think so. But this marks only the beginning for Jensen who looks to have a bright future ahead of him. 
Donna Karan
Karan went back to the sleek, sexy, powerful look we all know her for - with her label turning 25 this year it was probably an appropriate time to retrospect. Black was back with a few drops of colour spread sparingly throughout the collection. 
The long beautiful gowns at the end scream 'Oscars'. Perhaps we can expect to see Jennifer Aniston or Susan Sarandon in one of them? Who knows.

Zac Posen
Due to financial hardships, missing were the luxurious, red carpet worthy dresses that we all know and love from Zac Posen. Instead, made the best out of a difficult situation showing a collection full of simple top and trouser sets and short skater skirts. Overall, there seemed to be a strong forties influence, although the mustard colour palette exuded a particular 70s feel. I thought the collection was fun, flirty and light. But i don't think it was Posen at his very best. I think, given the resources, he would have presented an outstanding collection - hats off to him though.
(all images from style.com)

There will be more shows put up soon. <3
Rather looking forward to Proenza Schouler & Rodarte's show today...be sure to catch the latter on showstudio.com. 

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