Thursday, 18 February 2010

Going digital.

In this months issue of AnOther magazine, editor Jefferson Hack, acknowledges the advancements in technology, which has now created what he calls a "digitally immersed audience". I found his statements intriguing and incredibly true, as he describes how technology has quickly made its way into the music and film industries and straight onto fashion and publishing - its next target. With blogging and social networking beginning to become the norm amongst the fashion world, its seems scary that one day everything will be digital. But as a society do we really want that? Do we really want to read magazines online rather than in print? I know i certainly wouldn't.  Hack states that, "Its not the end of print, or Another magazine as you know it. Print may be in crisis for mass market publishers and newspapers whose content is easily replaced by the web, but there is a beauty and poetry to print that our readers care about". And whilst he seems confident that Another magazine is safe, but cant say the same for other magazines, i think hes wrong. The truth is, no publication is safe, publishers may soon have to cave into the pressures of advancements in technology and go digital, or they may not, they may fight on, refusing to give in. But whilst he is adamant that most 'mass publications' will cave, i think that particularly fashion magazines will stay in print for as long as possible. Newspapers, yes i do think they will soon become extinct in print. But fashion magazines like Vogue, Elle, Tatler and so forth still have a 'beauty and poetry' that there readers still care about. I know i do. Personally i would be horrified to have to receive next months vogue through email. Its just not the same...what will those people do who collect these magazines, or those who use them as a coffee table, even putting them next to the loo once finished with? There is no novelty in going digital. Granted, it has supplied us with some remarkable things - the internet, wireless broadband, hands free, DVD's...the list is endless. But shouldn't some things be left well alone? Particularly a market which has lasted since way before digital came along.
I do think that some things are worth hanging on too...and print is definitely one of them. 

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