Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Over the rainbow and off to heaven.

Marc Jacobs A/W 2010
Okay, so its a very rare occurrence if i don't like something Marc Jacobs produces...in fact i cant recall any where i haven't liked at least one piece.
So, this year, its no exception. Granted, it was a very muted down collection, featuring a subdued colour palette of greys and neutrals. The over all theme was incredibly romantic, sheer and feminine in feel - although there was just enough edge to not make it too 'girly' so to speak. The models floated down the catwalk, whilst Somewhere over the Rainbow play, filling the room with a sense of nostalgia. 
I particularly liked the dresses, each one more feminine and beautiful than the last. There were also lots of careful, clever tailoring, furs, clear plastic trenches, sequins, knitted jumpers and a touch of trompe l'oeil thrown in for good measure. 
Whilst i love the ankle socks and dresses look, i don't think it will be style ill be sporting any time soon...i wish i could but im pretty sure my legs will look like two tree stumps if i even attempted it. Shame i cant have the models legs as well as the clothes.
Personally i cannot wait for the high street to grab a hold of these looks and make them into something that i may be able to afford...
Top 'Marc's'

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