Thursday, 19 November 2009

Vintage hoarder or High street devotee?

Too many (myself included), trawling through vintage shops is like being let loose in Aladdin’s cave. Vintage allows us to express our individuality and gives us an opportunity to dip into a fashion filled pool of nostalgia.

But which one are you? A vintage hoarder or High Street devotee? Whilst most will pick a side and stick to it, there are those of us who are constantly stuck between. Because, despite it being criticized for being ‘samey’, the high street is the most reliable source for every style, shape and size you could possibly imagine; and with designers and celebrities jumping on the band wagon, its never been easier or more accessible to replicate their looks. It’s also a safe haven for women, as opposed to Vintage which, requires masses of confidence and the right kind of attitude. If you don’t get it right you could risk looking like you’ve dressed in the dark (that lime green blouse was only acceptable in the 80s).

However, if done properly, vintage can look fabulously authentic. Of course, there’s no law against mixing vintage with modern pieces; like a loaf of Hovis, ‘best of both’ can often be the most pleasing.

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