Thursday, 19 November 2009

I was in a Chanel state of mind.

Paris: known for high fashion, glamour and the Eiffel Tower. I do love a city where as you walk down the street spot women head to toe in Chanel, accompanied by the stylish attitude it requires. So any opportunity to revisit is one I’ll never turn down. Despite being a short trip this time (only a day) means that squeezing everything in completely impossible. However- having not been before- a visit to Chanel on Rue de Cambon was firmly on the agenda- the most important of destinations for the fashion-conscious.

Always the optimist, I was secretly hoping Karl Lagerfeld would appear from his headquarters above us, but was sadly left disappointed.

As i had expected, i had the door opened for me and was greeted by faces full of smiles. I thought to myself, I could sure get used to this. However, the smiles soon went away when the assitants realised I didn't qualify as a potential customer- being a penniless student meant those £450 pumps were just out of my reach. Admittedly, I felt a tad intimidated being amongst the oh so chic shoppers purchasing their quilted 2.55 bags (I wasn’t envious at all…) whilst I was too afraid to sit on the tweed clad sofas, which were naturally accompanied by leather cushions...

Note: do not enter without sufficient funds.

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