Thursday, 19 November 2009

Back to the ‘60s with Twiggy

In swinging London, only one model was on everyone’s lips; her common cockney prose, quirky features and waif like frame, made Twiggy a much loved figure in the 1960s and has since become a national treasure. Therefore, when I heard that The National Portrait Gallery had opened an exhibition in her honour- ‘Twiggy: A life in Photographs’- showcasing her life in front of the lense, I brought it upon myself to go and delve into the life of an icon.
Upon my arrival, after admittedly getting lost on the way- accidentally (and rather embarrassingly) going to The National Gallery; curious as to why all the portraits were from no later than the 18th century (I certainly gave the gallery assistant a few laughs). I was pleasantly surprised to notice the variety of people as I observed the room, one side of me were fashion students scribbling in their notebooks and on the other were women reminiscing to one another about their youth: “Oh I had hair exactly like hers, she looked so wonderful”
Despite being rather small in quantity, collectively the photographs displayed an immense assortment of enjoyment, energy and awkwardness. Photographed by the greats, we see Twiggy transform from a sweet, child like Barry Lategan girl, to a fully fledged - Cecil Beaton approved – model.

Certainly one I would recommend.

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