Sunday, 12 June 2011

Lula: girl of my dreams

Aside from my continual love affair with Vogue (I have a stack of them in my room - I think i have too many to know what to do with!) Lula is my favourite magazine, or 'mook' (at £7.99 an issue its more of a book!) its whimsical aesthetic, pretty pictures, and lovely, twee styling makes it a magazine of magnificence. 

Despite its magnificence, its a tough magazine to come by! I bought my first few issues from London book store, RD Franks, however, it has since closed down. Because of this, I missed the last issue (which I'm still very upset about!), luckily though I remember another London book store specializing in fashion books and magazines called Magma, and despite costing me £10 all together for the actual issue as well as postage, it was well worth it! 

Reading it is such a delight, I'd like to frame every photo and read more and more of the articles and interviews they include. This issue includes interviews with actress Mia Wasikowska, Brooke Shields, styling by editor Leith Clark and a feature dedicated to the girl scouts. 

If you've never read an issue before, I'd absolutely recommend it! 

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