Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Getting thrifty.

As much as I love the high street, and trawling vintage shops in Brick Lane & Portobello, sometimes a good rummage in the local charity shop is just as pleasing. Above are a couple of my favourite things I have picked up recently (well the bag isn't so recent but I love it so much I had to include it!). I am most chuffed with the skirt, which I got a couple of weeks ago in a 'Save the Children' shop in Southend - usually I don't have much luck with clothes, I usually take one look at the rails and get put off! But it looked like that day was my lucky day! It's ever so slightly too big, but teamed with a high waisted belt, it fits like a dream! 
As I have finished uni for the summer now, I can dedicate more time to my blog, and hope to start posting some outfit posts every now and then - I'll make sure my skirt is one of the first!

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  1. The dress is so pretty :)You were so lucky to find it