Sunday, 17 April 2011

Tatty Devine's newest recruit.

I have just completed my first week interning for jewellery design company, Tatty Devine. The quirky British brand, famed for their witty, fun pieces, most of which are made of perspex. 

Check them out here:

Of course, being an intern can mean that most of the jobs required to do are a little mundane, but thats just the way it goes! I spend most of the day packing and wrapping all the online orders, ready for them to be dispactched to awaiting customers! Admittedly, I quite enjoy it! As I say, its not the most interesting of things to do, but its a sure sight better than what other inters do I'm sure! Although, I did have to go buy loo roll the other day - not so glamorous , but someones gotta do it! 
I also have a feeling that this is going to be the healthiest 4 weeks of my life! They make the most amazing lunches for everyone in the studio, often consisting of salads, wraps and pasta! Yum.

I'm really enjoying it there so far, and everyone has been so friendly and inviting. from the moment I arrived. I was petrified it was going to be some sort of Devil Wears Prada scenario, but theres been none of that thank goodness! I'm there for another 3 weeks, (well less counting all of the bank holidays!), so hopefully I'll have some interesting stories to tell by the end of it!


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