Sunday, 17 April 2011

Introducing Vague.

My somewhat regular blog posts have been slacking way behind over the past few months, at the expense of having to produce a magazine from scratch for uni. I have to be honest - it was the most stressful time, and 2 weeks to the finishing line was officially the bane of my existence! Not all of it was bad, and I must say we (me and my group) had a great time doing some of the photo shoots - my particular favourite was with Dot & Mary, but more about them later. 
Our magazine is called Vague, and is a parody of the much loved (by me) Vogue magazine. So, basically, we were douing everything they wouldn't dare do. Here are a few images that were included:

Senior Anarchy - Dot & Mary
Punk Grannies, for one day only.

The tash, the mono & the spider eyes.

More TRASH than DASH

Making the magazine was a real challenge, in every way possible! Working in usch a big group, with people you never have before is difficult enough, but to make something everyone is happy with is even harder. 
Personally, Vague is not a very 'me' magazine - however, if I had my way, it would have looked very Lula - esque - all etheareal, whimsical and pretty! But majority rules and all that. 
Even though next year will be harder, I'm kind of looking forward to creating a magazine by myself - that way I get to do what I want!

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