Saturday, 30 April 2011

The Royal Wedding.

I have been so incredibly excited about the Royal Wedding for weeks, so when the day finally came yesterday, I couldn't contain it any longer! A few weeks ago, me and my mum were discussing the wedding and decided that we should go to London to be a part of it - I knew I would've regretted it if I didn't! It was such a momentous occasion, and I have never felt more proud to be British. Seeing the huge crowd that gathered along the mall was just amazing, and the atmosphere was fantastic. Once the ceremony had started, they played it out to the crowds on huge speakers, and as soon as they uttered the first words, everyone just went completely silent, before erupting into cheers once they officially said 'I Will'. Everyone broke out into song, singing along to the hymns that were in the official programme. 

Of course, everyone wanted to get a glimpse of the William & Kate as they came by in the carriage, which I was lucky enough to see - just! I had my camera frantically in the air, whilst standing right on my tip toes! We also saw the Queen in her beautiful carriage, looking just lovely in yellow! 
Kate (or I should say, Catherine) looked abosultley stunning in Alexander McQueen - I'm so chuffed she chose too in the end, after months of speculation, and hoping that it would be, it was great to see her step out of the car in the amazing lace creation. It was just exquisite. 

(I wish I could say I took these photos - but I wasn't that lucky... gettyimages)

After the carriage went by, the next big challenge was getting as close to Buckingham Palace as possible for the balcony moment, and after much pushing, and squishing, we made it around just enough to see the balcony. We weren't super close, but much luckier than most! As soon as they stepped out onto the balcony as a married couple, the crowd began to chant "kiss, kiss!" and not only did they once, but twice! Much to our delight. It was just wonderful. 

(these however, were my own!)

I had the best day, and I'll certainly never forget it - definitely something to tell the grand-kids! 

As soon as I can work out how to load my videos onto my laptop, I will have some of the carriages to show! 

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  1. You were so lucky to be there.It sounds like it was a beautiful day :)