Monday, 29 November 2010

Sacred Heart.

Here is another snippet of what I've been getting up to at University. This was one of 15 descriptive pieces I was required to write on a person or place. This one is about Lady Gaga, enjoy :) 

Gaga adj. Informal senile. Relaxed loss of mental abilities because of old age
She stared through the black veil that covered her porcelain face, to witness the echoing army unit. Soldiers donning fishnet tights and exposing their pale china like chests began marching through the base, with great force and aggression, echoing the beat of the drumming music. The gloomy, eerie atmosphere is potent. Peeping light shines through from civilisation to reveal the silhouette of the soldiers, whose bowl- cut hairstyles are so sleek and exponentially shiny.
Suddenly, the ice queen comes to the fore. Her white-blonde hair and curvaceous, blood red lips make these soldiers fall under her dark spell. Her demonic eyes burn into their minds, these are her new servants. The ludicrousness of her mind is represented by the ostentatious, majestic crown perched on her head, established even further by the bloody, sacred heart placed in her hands.
Crazy. Masochist. Lune.
Suddenly, the sound of a knife sharpens, releasing the screeches of a thousand innocent cries. She is sour, sour that her love for Alejandro is no more. 

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