Monday, 1 November 2010

Catwalk Reporting: Uni homework.

This is a catwalk report I wrote as homework for uni. We were required to write a report on Alexander McQueen's Autumn/Winter 2001 show and could choose any element to write about. So here it is, along with a video clip of some of the show, enjoy :)  

A- taunting -toy story.

Alexander McQueen Autumn/Winter 2001

A merry-go round, clowns and balloons, things reminiscent of our childhood spent at fairgrounds or a trip to the circus. However, when kidnapped by Alexander McQueen, those sweet memories can soon turn into a nightmare. Ragged, amputated dolls, haphazard stuffed animals and haunting looking clowns made up the eerie mise-en-scene of McQueen’s Autumn/Winter show, in an abandoned Vauxhall warehouse.
 McQueen’s model minions took to the catwalk, scandalously gyrating around a stripper pole as they went.  Clad in shiny patent leather, re-worked military coats, feathers and fringing teamed with vampy, twenties flapper hair &makeup. Before leaving their mischievous playground, models suggestively positioned themselves for one last ride on the merry- go round.
But, it wasn’t until then, that the show really began. A baby’s lullaby, mixed with its crying screams echoed through the room. Life size toys came alive as they began tragically dragging themselves across the catwalk, one with a skeleton attached to her foot. Innocence had certainly been snatched from these figures.
 As it came to an end, McQueen’s final message came in the form of a song. ‘A spoon full of sugar’ (yes that’s the one from Mary Poppins) began to play.
One thing’s for sure, if McQueen is the villain, then we are his ever willing victims. 

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