Saturday, 11 September 2010

Carey Mulligan, US Vogue.

The enviably beautiful Carey Mulligan, shot by Peter Lindbergh and styled by the wonderful Grace Coddington, October 2010.
I love the light, almost organic feel of this shoot, although i have no doubt that it probably took weeks to plan, countless phone calls and a million outfits to get it to look perfect, but that just goes to show what a good job these editors do. 
Whilst i love the colour - it's incredibly strong and would catch anybodies eye - i'd just love for US Vogue to perhaps try something a little more risky. Anna Wintour has made no secret of her love for colour, but i can't help but think the image (top) would have been as equally powerful on the cover, perhaps even more so. That look and the one of her wearing that stunning red ruffle jacket are my favourite.  

Rumour has it, that Miss Mulligan was unable to fit in Vogue's sample sizes they had available, and to be quite frank, thank goodness! its nice to know that a normal size girl, down to earth, and very pretty can still make it in Vogue. Although it is incredibly disturbing still in some respects when you acknowledge the fact that Carey Mulligan is still very petite. It just goes to shoe how tiny sample sizes actually are...

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