Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Jadore Paris.

Alexander McQueen

The most anticipated show of Paris Fashion Week, and not surprising - the most emotional. With a private viewing for a select few fashion editors, Alexander McQueen's last collection was shown in Paris. 
I'm not just saying this because he is no longer here, but i was honestly blown away by this collection. It was just so incredible that there are no words to describe it. Going back to the handcrafted work he loved, he took inspiration from the dark ages, McQueen wanted to find the light and beauty in this time - and that he did.
The only thing i wish was that of course he was around to finish it, and to have put on the showmanship that we all knew and loved. Being showcased in a small room, just wasn't the same. Having said that, the collection as a whole was full of drama. The dresses had so much presence and so much power, that made the whole thing seem bitter sweet.

 Models walking around melting ice in fur snow boots, angora jumper dresses, and silk tulle gowns...naturally. Yes, this could have only been Chanel, as Karl Lagerfeld gave yet another surprising show. Getting past the fur boots which i doubt ill ever get used too, whats left is another classic Chanel collection,  packed with skirt suits, ruffles, tulle, silk and of course tweed.

 Like Stella and Phoebe before her, Hannah McGibbon has maintained that Chloe aesthetic we all know and love, but has made it her own. By dragging Chloe away from the 'IT' craze that it was consumed by a few years ago, she has taken it back to the chic, soft, quality Chloe that it has always been. Another gorgeous collection, and another that i wish to own...

  Valentino is back...enough said.

 Giambattista Valli
 I adored this collection. It had Parisian chic written all over it. With a strong 1960s influence, every piece was unique and beautiful in execution, and yet it had a very simplistic element to it too.


Yves Saint Laurent 

Louis Vuitton
 Channeling the fifties, Marc Jacobs presented another collection for Louis Vuitton. Whilst Jacobs always manages to put on a great show, i have to say it wasn't at all what i was expecting from him.  Yes, it was beautiful and there is no doubt id wear it all, but there just seemed to be something missing - over the past few seasons Marc has done something a little quirky, who could forget the afros from last season? That was all missing this time around. Having said that, it is nice to see the clothes be at the forefront of the show without any distractions. It was chic, elegant and glamorous.

Miu Miu

Elie Saab 
 Okay, i feel insanely depressed when i look at this collection. Its do unbelievably beautiful and dramatic that i can barely look at it. After dressing Rachel McAdams and Anna Kendrick for the Oscars - who looked stunning in dresses from the couture collection - it goes to show just how talented this designer is. Whilst the couture collection was full of blushing pinks and paler shades of blue, this time around black, deep blues, greens, purples and dirty nudes were put on display - fitting for autumn/winter.


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