Tuesday, 4 October 2011


A Paris Fashion Week comes to a close, the best really have been saved until last. Valentino unveiled their Spring/Summer 2012 collection today, and to rave reviews from the critical eyes of the fashion editors in the front row. And of course to the likes of me, swooning over each look that graced my computer screen.
I always look forward to Valentino for their romantic, poetic, whimsy aesthetic that is applied year in year out. And this collection was all of these things, multiplied. Doily lace, delicate chiffon, leather and applique were present on the varying forms of pretty princess dresses in pale pink and mint, black, blood red and white. Models wore flat sandals, and soft edwardian-style plaits in their hair, adding to the gorgeous girlishness of this collection.
Hands down one my my favourite collections of all the fashion weeks.

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