Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Couture Fashion Week 2010.

Christian Dior.

 O M G. I love this collection. Galliano is like some unstoppable force constantly producing beautiful, luxurious clothes without losing his touch. This collection has been so different to his last two, which showed some similarities. However, with a little help from his incredibly talented friend Stephen Jones - whose flower wrap head pieces were pretty incredible, and humorous to say the least, which i love. 
The clever infusion of striking colours and prints, mixed with different layers and textures made this collection one to die for. Like most of Galliano's shows it was striking, dramatic and consistent.
Blooming Marvellous.


 Ricardo Tisci presented an incredibly ornate, intricate couture collection - as always. I have great admiration for Tisci's couture collections, they're always incredibly powerful. However, i did prefer his last Couture collection to this. For starters this one is little in quantity and it sort of seems as though its unfinished. I was expecting there to be more. The dresses are still beautiful though and i would say better than his autumn/winter collection for Givenchy this year. 

Alexis Mabille
 I felt that this was an okay collection, but wasn't what it could have been. I always relate couture to drama, and exquisite collection, but this sort of looked like it could have appeared in a ready - to - wear show. It was a little average - for me anyway. But on a more positive note, the dress on the end is incredibly pretty. 

Armani Prive.

 The only word i can use to describe this is emaculate. Every detail, every bit of styling and every piece of fabric was perfection. It's so luxurious and  exudes style. The vibe was very seventies, in terms of the suit sets, colour and coats and the dresses were very red carpet glamour.

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