Thursday, 7 June 2012

Harry Potter studio tour

For my 21st birthday two weeks ago, I visited the Warner Brothers Harry Potter studio tour with a few of my friends. I know what you're thinking - not exactly a very 21 year old thing to do, but being a huge fan of Harry Potter and having grown up with the books & films, I had to go. And it was absolutely fantastic - I would definitely recommend it to anyone thinking of going. They have all of the sets from the Weasley's burrow to Hagrid's hut, The Ministry of Magic, to Dumbledore's office and much more. We sat and ate lunch outside Privet drive which was slightly surreal, whilst also enjoying a cup of butter beer - which is quite hard to describe, but the nearest I can compare it to is cream soda! Just make sure you have plenty of money with you because the shop is a tad expensive - take it from the person who spent £25 on a wand that I just don't need but had to have! I also bought a chocolate frog, which I'm still trying to eat my way through. My friend bought Bertie Botts every flavour beans, which we made our way through on the way home! I tried grass and earthworm flavour...which I would not recommend! The cherry and marshmallow flavours were far more appetising!

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