Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Couture: Dior

So this week saw the return of Couture, and yesterday, the most eagerly anticipated show took place in Paris- Dior. Since his dismissal from his chief post at the French fashion house, John Galliano has regularly been seen in the news, particularly last week when court proceedings began about the incident that happened earlier this year. Meaning, this was the first Couture show without Galliano's involvement, leaving his right hand man, Bill Gaytten to take the helm (temporarily). Of course, the pressure on him to deliver was enormous, and he has come under scrutiny by some of fashions renowned journalists including Susie Menkes. And granted, Galliano's 'touch' was clearly missing, and if I am totally honest, the middle set of looks that came down the runway seemed to be slightly 'off'. Having said that, the beginning and ends showed great 
promise, and were really in touch with previous collections.  
The inspirations for this collection, as described by style.com were "Frank Gehry, Jean-Michel Frank, the Memphis movement of the eighties" , which again, were strong, dramatic, bold themes - a trait that has not changed.  
It's just very sad that the house of Dior has been tainted by such an unfortunate series of events, and that Gayttens 'debut' as it were, was not the debut he should of had - merely there to build upon Galliano's already prominent vision. 

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  1. This collection is really cool, love the colors.