Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Paris: Chanel

One thing Karl Lagerfeld is not, is predictable. No body could've been presumptuous about the scale of this collection. With 50 plus models (all the models in Paris according to Vogue editor, Katie Phelan) and an incredible selection of clothes. This was anything but ordinary. Models descended upon the Grand Palais, onto a catwalk that had been transformed into a monochrome French garden maze, complete with water fountains n all. 
Moving on from the quirky, slightly random collections of the past few seasons - i.e yeti boots, and fringed cowgirl attire, this time it was simply about the clothes. On a scale one would expect of a Couture collection, the clothes were truly beautiful and the detail, amazing. Digital prints, egg shell pink, chiffon dresses, embellishments, and a reworked, metallic version of the infamous Chanel tweed. It all looks good enough to eat.

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