Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Autumn/Winter dressing.

I know i know, its still technically summer, but i can't help but get excited for Aumtum/Winter. Which to most will make me seem like an alien or something for being so excited about the cold weather. But, i do have a valid point. This seasons fall collections have been of a great standard, and it didnt take long for the high street to start picking up on the trends. 
I already have my eye on a super cute pea coat from Topshop - which has a very sixties mod style, an old school satchel for uni, similar to this one below by urban outfitters (I'll be on the hunt for a -cheaper- vintage one) and a very cosy jumper to keep me warm. 
Here is my Autumn/Winter wish list: 

Topshop Coat £85
Topshop jumper £38
Urban Outfitters £48
Urban Outfitters £65 now £45
Topshop pumps £28
Topshop swallow necklace £6.50
Topshop lace dress £40
Topshop peter pan blouse £35

I already have the lace dress, boots and the swallow necklace. Three down, five more to go...

And finally, there is my Dream List...also known as a collection of clothing i will never be able to own. Not yet anyway, but one day perhaps...

1 comment:

  1. i just bought that topshop jumper online! how do you feel about it?
    tell me it's beautiful, warm and a nice rusty colour (my computer screen makes it look like rust) but it's called dusty pink and it's quite light in your lookbook photo.
    haha! i sound stalkerish, but i'm just an australian in love with this jumper who wanted to see other photos and other people who feel the same way!
    i guess i'll find out in a week or two!